Drawing With Words Install

Finally getting around to posting the pictures from the Drawing With Words install at the New York Times this past week. The show had a great turnout and I met some awesome people. It was awesome to do the install with some great friends as well. Thanks so much to everyone involved and thanks again to art director Alexandra Zsigmond for having us!

Unique New York

 New series depicting various street musicians in New York City, I have always been inspired by these peoples willingness to perform despite being for the most part ignored by passers  by.  

More to come!




It has been a while 

As some of you may know, I was a part of a fantastic holiday exhibition brought to you by Emoa Space Gallery, in Chelsea. It was a great event with artwork being sold at extremely affordable prices. Here are some images of the event!

you can check out all the happenings at Emoa HERE>>>  https://www.facebook.com/emoaspacegallery


An inspiring read...please take note

So for some time now I have been thinking about my own beginnings, and demise within the career I have chosen, from what I hear this is not something that will go away. I am learning to embrace it and use it as a mode of inspiration and drive rather than a depressing fact. Upon realizing this I stumbled upon a blog post by illustrator, Noah Bradley. I wont spoil anything, I feel you should read this short article yourself and make your own conclusions...


"its not a bad thing to be a little stubborn" 

https://medium.com/p/6ee770ec930f READ IT HERE


and please follow Noah and check out his awesome work! 


Hatchery process

Not much to say, I want this image to speak for itself and I want the viewer to make their own conclusions. Based off of one of my favorite books, Brave New World.  


Dogs of Brooklyn, PREVIEW

Here is the first look at my first story for Carrier Pigeon. It will appear in Volume 3, issue 10. Probably coming out around mid to late August. I want to thank Editor in Chief, Russ Spitkovski and everyone else involved. Also huge thanks to Nick Kolakowski for writing such an awesome story.




Gandolfini, Process

This was a really quick turnaround, about 6 hours to finish this image fully. It was done shortly after I learned of the death of actor James Gandolfini. I feel this image represents his overall attitude well. 


Open Studios

Here is my wall for the Open Studios exhibition at the School Of Visual Arts. Congrats class of 2013! Its been a great run!!

hope you recognize some of these images!

hope you recognize some of these images!


So this year, Carrier Pigeon participated in the Degenerate Craft Fair. In short, this was an opportunity for independent artists and other vendors to sell artwork and handmade goods. Having participated in then in the past, i can tell you how much fun these fairs are. 

Cp was sandwiched between two friends of ours, Drive By Press, and Bushwick Print Lab. This made for a great line of art, here are some photos of the day!